EMSOL Value Added Training

EMSOL stands as a multi-faceted corporate house with a long association with academia as an enabler of technology for their training needs related to university curriculum and technical education. Our training division is committed to innovation and driven by an aim to provide competitive edge to the students and professionals which they need crucially to succeed in today’s competitive industry and challenging workplace environment.

EMSOL Training programs are developed by experts in their respective field and have been customized in several ways to effectively deliver training beyond the traditional classroom learning model. We have transformed the learning into live workshops so that trainees must have hands-on experience on the software and hardware tools.

EMSOL conducts following audience-specific programs

  • Student Training
  • Faculty Development
  • Professional Courses

The students, faculties and professionals are invited to join the relevant one. Training session will be imbibed with our tailored courseware; hands-on live software, evaluation DVDs and CD with additional sample Labs and documentation. Our training team is drawn from the most experienced pool of professionals from the industry, institutes and Emsol own pool of experienced engineers assuring best deliverance.

Students Training

In India, Engineering and Research & Development Services (ER&D) industry is emerging with a growth rate of over 30% every year, giving unbound opportunities to prospective engineers. Increasing competitive market and changing demography in western countries have created demand for skilled engineering workforce with a sufficient knowledge of application of latest technology. But an awfully scarce exposure that a student gets to this aspect at technical school has created a huge shortfall of skilled engineering manpower for the industry. EMSOL training division is continuously striving to empower education of aspiring engineers through such thoughtfully-designed programmes which give students of engineering a competitive edge which they need to establish themselves as successful professionals in today’s technology-driven competitive world

Benefit to Participants / Students through Training

  • Students will get the Industrial Training with minimum Charge
  • Time and Money Saving
  • College Credit (College discretion)
  • Professional Instruction
  • Proven Curriculum
  • Credibility (Course completion)
  • Jobs (Through community)

Benefit to College

  • Recognition NBA
  • Revenue Generating
  • Increased relationship with industry