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This alarm system is a high-end GSM and WIFI dual-net alarm with stable and reliable performance and applies 1.7-inch TFT color screen and touch keyboard with built-in powerful CPU master and excellent operation experience. Automatic voice prompt or SMS message notify the location and events upon alarm. Compatible with wireless PIR sensor, door sensor, smoke detector, gas detector, panic button etc. After receiving an alarm, host will display the alarm zone and alarm siren 80dB on site, 110dB alarm when connect with wired siren, while text to and dialing the number preset to inform user via WIFI. It has been widely used in home, factory, school, shop, villa and residential area to provide protection for valuable assets. .

When your system is configured and connected for remote access, you can control your security system remotely. Do you have house guests, cleaning staff, or security personnel who need to get inside without triggering the alarm? Disarm or re-arm the system at the push of a button. You won't need to share your system's password with anyone.


  • 1 x Main Control Panel.
  • 8 x Motion Sensor.
  • 16 x Door Sensor.
  • 4 x Remote Controller.
  • 1 x Flash Siren.
  • 1 x Gas Sensor.
  • 2 x Smart Socket.
  • 2 x WiFi IP Camera.
  • 1 x Outdoor WiFi Camera.
  • 1 x Keyboard.
  • 2 x RFID Card.
  • 1 x Solar Siren
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